Botox Training New York
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Botox Training New York
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Botox Training New York New York, NY
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Dr. Katz Offers Hands-On Botox Training in New York

Botox Training

Learn from Dr Katz at his Botox Training New York facility. Healthcare professional in the New York area will now be able to access Dr Howard Katz, one of the best minds in Botox education, and inventor named on the actual patent for Botulinum Toxin. Instead of flying to San Diego or anywhere out of state, come learn from Dr Katz at his New York Botox training facility.

That means that if you live within the New York area, or plan to be there, you can easily access world class training in Botox, Dermal Fillers, and related aesthetics techniques, giving you the opportunity to earn your Botox certification there and then. Incorporate that training directly into your menu of treatments (marketing is part of the program), so your practice can benefit right away.

Learn from the course and teacher that has been rated the absolute best. Dr Howard Katz has devoted much of his research and career into Botox and dermal fillers. That is why Allergan included his name on a patent application for all Botulinum Toxins. Chances are that whenever any medical professional in the world administers Botox, they may be doing so with the technology and protocols created by Dr Katz.

His extensive research has grown into relationships with some the major pharmaceutical companies such as Prollenium, Allergan and Medicis. Many individuals, corporations, and institutions have invited Dr Katz to present lectures and classes, including NYU, NSU, UCSD as well as international events in the US like GNYDM, CDA. He has been invited to medical and dental schools across Europe, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and even Israel. This is your chance to learn from the best in your back yard.

Dr Katz

What other classes have in common is they present much of Dr Katz’s material . What makes his classes different is that he has honed down the content (to only clinical pearls – he will tell you where to find the information you may never need) and is constantly improving the format. The lab has also helped thousands of providers to learn in the classroom. Tens of thousands of patients across the world are now benefiting from his training. Besides all the esthetic treatments the program includes treatments for depression, TMD, migraine, hyperhidrosis, and many others. His students learn how to reverse most side effects quickly and at minimum expense (you will not have to buy another vial of Botox especially to treat side effects), as well as marketing techniques which will dramatically increase your emerging New York practice.

Dr Katz Botox Training

This course now also includes Dr. Katz's exclusive DentoX LIFT technique, which shows his students how to quickly and drastically improve jawline and cheekbone aesthetics with only the use of injectibles. This non-surgical, 30 minute technique cannot be found in any other educational program.

It’s remarkable but Dr Katz has consolidated all of his excellent training into just one power day: which is hard to believe when you consider just what is included. If you think it may be too intense , read or watch some of the many reviews on this site. A range of the most popular clinical examples, new techniques, and personal time with Dr Katz are offered. In a relatively short time he will include business and marketing training that will help to get your business off the ground. The New York training program will include treatments using Botox, dermal fillers, and a third module this year that complements the whole day (Phlebotomy and Platelet Rich Plasma). Although intensive, this is a training day that you will not be able to experience anywhere else. Class sizes are limited so reserve your spot early to avoid disappointment.


Alongside his live courses, Dr Katz provides online Botox training on a weekly basis, and has his own thriving Botox business - so is current on all the latest research, treatments, and teaching techniques. He has engineered the New York Botox course to present all of the practical methods that a proficient Botox professional will need, leaving the theoretical textbook stuff for time after the course, so that attendees can get the maximum attention from him while he is in the room. This practical knowledge is what is required to set up and run a successful Botox business in New York.

Much of the training will focus on safety and understanding the dangers of mis-administering Botox, as well as being able to sell Botox cases to patients. All of the different FDA-approved treatments will be covered during the training, including Dysport, Xeomin, and Botox, and you will receive clear teaching on the different legal and documentation rules that are required in New York, or any other part of the US. (View Full Course Syllabus)

Dr Katz Training

You will be able to practice your new skills on live patients then and there on the day, helping to cement the training that you have received in your mind, and helping to instil confidence in delivering high quality Botox injections after the training day. Dermal fillers will also be taught, a skill set that is often underserved when it comes to Botox training – and in some cases, it will be more pertinent to use dermal fillers as they can treat some of the same medical conditions but at a fraction on the cost.

You will also receive training on how to prevent, as well as spot the signs of major and minor mistakes, so that you can ensure complete patient satisfaction and avoid negative reviews – and you’ll also be able to correct those mistakes that other, less well-trained medical professionals may use. This will not only help to raise awareness of your expertise within the community, but will also bring in a secondary source of income.

No one wants to grow their business primarily through the ‘hard sell’, and Dr Katz understands that. He will offer advice and tips on how to grow your business more organically, how to bring in new patients, maximize the profit you could make from your current patients, and other different marketing techniques.

Katz’ training course counts as 10 hours of Continued Education Credits, and you’ll also be given complete access to his online training programs which usually costs $1398 – and that offer an additional 8 credits. 18 credits for the cost of just one course that will dramatically change your ability to transform your medical career and offer the best for your patients.


You deserve the best, and we believe that this training day with Dr Katz is just that – but if you attend the Botox Traiining in New York and are not completely happy, then just let us know that day and we will refund the entire cost of the training. If you go away and find the same training but at a lower cost within a month aof the training, we’ll be happy to give you the difference.

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